Gary Tunstall

My Car problems

My car recently had a run in with a barrier - whoops
On the 18th June I was on my way to Kent for a family holiday.
I had just driven along an A road and was joining the M2.
There was an island but for the direction I wanted there was a bypass lane.
I though this meant the slip road went straight to the motorway...
...I was wrong. So I went along the road at around 60 (not speeding!)
and I reached this corner

(well a bit earlier on but I didn't fancy walking too far back after the accident)
I was going too fast for the corner and the car started to skid to the outside,
I came off the controls and steered it back inwards.
The car did respond and I managed to stop heading directly for the barrier.
However I then didn't know what to do and ended up over correcting and managing
to spin the car into the barrier backwards.

In the photo if you look carefully you can see some bits of my car
and the skid marks in the grit.
The car then spun again (the exact details are a little hazy) and the front also hit the barrier.
Not wanting to be stuck on the outside of a fast corner I managed to start the car
and drive it to the inside where I waited for over 2 hours.

Luckily by the time I hit I had scrubbed a lot of the speed off
so I didn't feel much and wasn't hurt.
Neither was the crash barrier...
...However my car was

This is the nearside rear wheel that must have hit the barrier first
If you look you can see its now tilted in :-(

And the same wheel from another angle.
Here you can see where it has hit the wheel and actually cracked the alloy.

Then there is the front.
As I say the last bit is a little fuzzy,
but the car must have hit with the rear then the front
or spun again or something
But basically the nearside light is smashed.
The offside one actually popped out and was in one piece.
And the whole bumper etc was pushed around.

The insurance company estimated over 7000 to fix it.
I guess there is a little exaggeration (using all original parts and approved labour etc)
but it was going to cost to much to repair so it was written off.

So here is my new car.
Its similar but is a Ghia now rather than a Zetec
So it has global opening :-)
(means you can open all the windows with the remote)
Its actually Blue
I will take a picture in the day time soon.


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