Gary Tunstall

My University Modules that I did in the Computer Science Department at The University of York

IDD Introduction to digital circuit design
ICS Introduction to computer science
ICM Introduction to computer mathematics
POP Principles of Programming
DLD Digital and Linear Circuit Design
ADS Algorithms and Data Structures
MCS Mathematics for computer science
CAR Computer architecture
CCC Crash course on C

CTS Chips to systems
TOC Theory of computation
ISD Information systems design
OPS Operating systems
MCP Micro-computing project
LPA Logic programming and artificial intelligence
SSD Software specification and design
IPL Implementation of programming languages

PR3 3rd Year project
BAN Bayesian networks
UID User-interface and design
EPM Engineering project management
CGV Computer graphics and visualisation
RTS Real time systems
AFG Artificial intelligence for games

PR5 4th Year project
PRG - 4th Year group project
DEM Dependability modelling
SCS Security of computer systems
SYA Systems Architectures
SMT Software measurement and testing
ALP Advanced logic programming


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