Gary Tunstall


Ok my current setup,
The ones that's on the main page

Its an Athlon 1.3 Gig Machine with 512Mb RAM and 240Gig of HD space.
Although one of the HD's a 40Gig one with the OS's on has bad sectors and is dieing.
I hope it will last until Easter when I have time to move them to another drive and send it off for repair.

The paper to the left of my monitor is my project which is actually what I should be doing, but its currently 10pm so I am watching TV and writing a web site instead.

My setup as it was before I came to uni.

My Mum now uses that PC (a P2 233), and my sister nicked the room.
So I now only have a small room when I am back home so less junk :-(


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