Gary Tunstall

About Me

Erm, let me see...
First a picture of me ... in a suit

Yes I should have done my hair.

I am currently 22 (DOB 14/05/81 in case I don't update this!)
I am studying Computer Systems and Software Engineering at the University of York.
So far I am doing quite well and expect / hope to get a first class degree.  Its a MEng course and so its a four year course, I am in my last year now - The end is in sight and I will have to face the 'Real World'.

Hum, I have just been looking through some pictures I can put up and found some fire ones!
And some pictures of tractors.
And some info about my computers.

And a picture of my pet rabbit Dandy (short for Dandelion as in the plant that he liked)

Unfortunately he is dead now.

And a picture of our pet dog Ben

He is still alive but getting very old now.


About me